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About Me

Hi, I’m Kendall. 

Photographer, baby whisperer, business owner, and creator. I wear all the hats here!

I am a wife & mother. My husband and I have a blended family with 4 kids that keep us very busy! I think us parents discover as our children grow and life changes around us, we are living through our best moments. Photography for me freezes these moments, whether its a quick phone picture of my kids running into the lake on a hot summer day or flipping through our family photo album from when they were toddlers with those silly cheesey grins. Photos take me back to that moment, I remember how I felt and what we were doing or where we were. Reminiscing those moments with my kids as they have gotten older brings back such sweet memories. 

It is my mission to capture images for my clients that they can look back on and remember these stages that go by way too fast! Your newborn changes so much in those first few weeks and quickly turns into a 1 year old that’s running away from you ready to smash into their first birthday cake! Thinking back to that first year with my kids is kind of a blur.. I was sleep deprived, learning to balance work and life as a mom, basically just getting through the days and before I knew it that first year was over. I am so grateful to have photographs to remember those moments and their tiny chubby baby faces. I found my passion of photography through my kids and being a mom, I believe it is my purpose to provide my gift of photography to other mothers. I love connecting with other moms and capturing their stories. I would love to hear from you!



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"Kendall is a master at her craft! We have been using her photography skills for almost five years now and are always so pleased with her work! She has baby magic and is extremely creative and insightful with her colors, setups and visions. Highly, highly recommend!!!"

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